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How to Maximize Electronic Waste Values for Different People (Disposal/Recycling)

六月 24, 2019


We all have used electronics, but how to maximize used electronic or electronic waste values? You may not know.

Here I will share details about how to maximize their values by electronic waste disposal / recycling for different people group, such as, enterprise, hotel,family, single person etc. in this article.

Which waste electrical and electronic equipment can be recycled?

According to survey, most people don’t recycle used or old electronics, because they don’t know which electronics can be recycled?

So, which used electronics are recyclable?

In fact, 90% electronics are recyclable, such as computer, mobile phone, radio, TV etc.

I will list some of recycle electronic devices in the following table:

Product Categories


Are them recycled?

Large household appliances

Household refrigeration: refrigerator, † cabinet, wine cooler, ice machine
Air conditioning: air condition
Household cleaning: washing machine, dryer, dishwasher etc.


Kitchen and small appliances

Home audio-visual products: TV, home theater, projector, DVD player, stereo, radio, recorder

Personal electronic products: tablet, video game console, CD player, MP3/MP4 e-book, PDA, electronic dictionary, learning machine, mobile storage, digital camera, DV

Communication products: mobile phones, telephones, walkie-talkies

Car electronics etc.


Consumer Electronics

Kitchen appliances: range hood, stove, dishwasher, disinfection cupboard, gas water heater, electric faucet
Bathroom appliances: electric water heater, heat pump water heater, body cleaner, hair dryer, bath right, hand dryer, exhaust fan, integrated ceiling

Small appliances: soya-bean milk machine, juicer, cooking machine, coffee machine, rice cooker, microwave oven, induction cooker, electric lecturer, electric pressure cooker, electric oven, electric frying pan, electric cooker, bread machine, pasta machine, ice cream machine, yogurt Machine, fruit and vegetable detoxification machine, egg cooker, eggbeater, bean sprouts machine, oil press, kitchen treasure, garbage disposal machine

Solar appliances: solar water heaters, solar lawn lights, garden lights, solar toys, solar panels, etc.


Home appliance parts

Water treatment appliances: water dispensers, water purifiers, pure water machines, water softeners, pipeline machines, straight drinking machines.

Cleaning appliances: vacuum cleaners, dehumidifiers, steam mops, sweepers, floor waxing machines, hanging machines, electric irons, shoe machines, electric mosquito repellents, electric mosquito swatters, toilet dividers.

Indoor air conditioning appliances: air purifiers, electric fans, cooling fans, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, negative oxygen ion generators, small oxygen generators

Heating appliances: electric smashers, electric blankets, electric furnaces

Personal care appliances: hair dryer, shaver, curling iron, electric toothbrush, beauty instrument, electric breast pump

Health care appliances: foot bath, massage chair, massager, blood pressure measuring instrument, body temperature measuring instrument, body fat measuring instrument


Smart home appliance

Smart home appliances
Smart home system: intelligent lighting control, smart home central control system, smart home ecological control, intelligent sunshade, smart doors and windows, smart socket
Home security system: security, surveillance, access control, video intercom.

Digital home: set-top boxes, smart switches, information appliances, home instant systems

Intelligent integrated application: system integration product communication network and component sensor controller

Retaining hardware and wearable products: staying in the energy retention bracelet, staying in the watch, retaining the toy, turning the anti-lost device etc.


Used electronic component

capacitor, Chips, resistors etc.


Above are some of electrical appliances that can be recycled. 

Then let’s drive in 3 mistaken conceptions on recycling electronics among people.

3 Mistaken conceptions of recycling electronic waste.

Though we know used electronic an old electronics can be recycled, but less people let their wasted electronics to be recycled.


Because most people have a mistaken idea for electronics recycle.

There are 3 mistake conceptions that most people have:

1.Electronic recycle is government’s business.

No, electronic recycle is everyone’s business. Government create conditions that people can put their e-waste into recycling places. But whether the recycling job can be done well, this need to everyone’s cooperation and support.

2.Don’t think it benefit to environment

Recycling electronic may not benefits to environment, because, manufacturers will produce more.

3. Personal cannot make something different

You my think that I own less electronics and just have less e-wasted. Even if I put the on the recycling place, the world still doesn’t have any changes.

But this idea is wrong, because each small behaviors for recycling will make the earth be better.

recycle electronic devices.jpg

What are right electronic waste disposals for different people?

In some degree, used, old or waste electronics recycling will reduce your cost. Here are some electronics recycling options that you can maximum your used electronics’ values for different people.

1. Enterprise, hotel &restaurant

Each year, there are huge amounts of dead electronics in some companies. But how to do electronics waste disposal? Here are some tips:

1)For some dead electronics, sell them to electronics waste recycling companies. This allows you to get some money back and you can use them to buy a new one.

2)For some used or old electronic, if these still can work, it’s suggested you to donate them to someone or organization who is in need, which can raise your company’s social reputation.


For a family, there is not too many wasted, old and used electronics to dispose. So, here is the solutions:

1)For some dead electronics, you can put them on the target recycling place.

2)For some used electronics that still can be used, you can sell them online, which allows you to get back some money and help other to get right products with low price. There are many websites that you can sell used electronics, such as Amazon.

3)For some used electronics that still can be used, you also can make a exchanges with others.

4)Let your children to study circuit and electronics knowledge, which can reduce your cost in buying electronic kits. But this need to be supervised by Parents.

3.Electronic DIY enthusiast or single person

For an electronic DIY enthusiast:

1)Take part used electronics or electronic waste to get the useful components for selling online, or DIY some decoration and appliances. But after getting useful part, you still need to send the rest e-waste to electronic recycling bin.

2)Sell some still works online

3)Donate to legal organizations

4)Send them to the local electronic waste recycling bin.

How to reduce electronic waste devices?

This is a continuous problem for us. Here I will give some tips from 4 aspects.

1.For manufacturers:

1)They need to design better electronics that is safer, more durable, repairable and recyclable electronics

2)Postpone warranty periods and teach people how to repair their electronic devices.

Most people throw away the used electronics, because they have over the warranty periods and will spend too much if they send them to the repaired store.

But if they know how to repair them, the electronic waste my be less.

2.For government:

1)Add more responsibility to the manufacturers, such as:

The company manages and processes the product at the end of its life, or offer free and convenient electronic waste recycling services for customers.

2)Set electronic waste recycling bins in local communities.

3)Promote and enhance people recycling conceptions

3.For single person or family

1)Try to use refurbished electronics, which can promote recycling economy.

2)Repair your electronics: if there is some wrong in your electronic devices, please don’t regard them as electronic waste goods. Try you best to repair them and if these electronic products cannot meet your need, please sell them to others or donate to legal organizations.

3)Sell them to reliable electronic recycling companies.

electronic waste recycling.jpg

FAQ of electronic waste recycling

Q: What are some reliable electronic waste recycling companies in India?

A: Here I will share 10 electronic waste devices recycling companies:


2)BaoBab Clean Tech

3)E Incarnation Recycling


5)Ecobirdd Recycling


7)High Tech Recycling

8)Pruthvi E Recycle


10)Cerebra Integrated Technologies

Q: What are the advantages of an electronic waste recycle?

A: There are many pros to do electronic waste recycle, such as, protecting environment from pollution, building recycling economy, save resources, promote technology progress etc.

Q: Is E-waste recycling a profitable business?

A: Yes, though electronic waste has high toxicity, but with the rapidly growth, this also develop as a business.

Such as, India produces 2 million tons of e-waste each year and is expected to grow at a rate of 20%. however, they only can be recycled 5,00,000 metric tons.

Government pay more attention to electronic recycling. Sustainable management of resources requires the separation of hazardous resources from e-waste and the maximum recovery of important metals.


That’s all contents about how to maximize old electronics values by electronic waste disposal / recycling.

If you have better ways on dispose electronic waste devices, please leave your comments and let me know.